Shipping FAQ

Where do you ship to?

At this time Humblebee Beauty & Skin only ships to Canada and the United States of America.

Where do you ship from?

Canadian orders ship out of Calgary, AB. American orders ship out of Sweet Grass, MT. This means no duty or international shipping prices for anybody—yay!

How much is Canadian shipping?

I ship two ways with Canada Post; Large Envelope ($3.95 USD) and Expedited Parcel ($10.95 USD and up, depending on weight).

While Large Envelope shipping is cheaper, the package can only be 2cm thick and has a maximum weight of 500g, so it can only be used products that are quite thin (this will be noted on the product description—soap does not qualify). There is also no insurance or tracking with Large Envelope, so if the package goes missing, it is gone for good, and will not be replaced. By selecting Large Envelope shipping, you acknowledge and accept this risk. Once shipped, delivery should take 3–4 days within Canada... but if you're familiar with Canada Post I'm sure you've sent somebody a letter and had it take much longer than 4 days to arrive.

Expedited Parcel includes tracking, coverage up to $100, and on-time delivery guarantee. Delivery times range from 1 to 7 days (1 if you're in Calgary, 7 if you're across the country or somewhere remote).

How much is US shipping?

I ship US orders using Priority Mail Flat Rate USPS shipping boxes, which ship with Domestic Priority Mail. I use a Canadian service that couriers packages down to Montana for a small additional fee so my American customers don't end up paying duty or international shipping fees.

The vast majority of orders will fit into a small flat-rate box, which is $5.95 USD. I can fit 3–4 bars of soap in a small box with room to spare for lip balms and other smaller things—so, about 500g (1.1lbs) of stuff.

A medium box is $12.95 USD, and that holds way more stuff (I can fit six small flat rate boxes into one medium box)! If you end up ordering more than a medium box can hold, I can get large boxes as well ($17.95 USD).

Why is US shipping so much less than Canadian shipping?

Because Canada Post is much more expensive than USPS when it comes to domestic shipping.

With USPS Flat Rate boxes, the shipping cost does not change as long as I can fit everything in the box, and the box is included in that cost. After I pay the additional fee to get it down to the border ($1–$3), that's it. The costs are fixed, and quite low.

With Canada Post, the starting costs are much higher, and the boxes aren't included. A box the size of a USPS small flat-rate box costs at least $13 CAD (plus the cost of the box) to ship within Canada—that box ships for $5.95 USD within the USA.